What kind of paper are you?

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New! Here’s a fun quiz to help you discover which type of paper suits you best! Share your characteristics and interests here and you can learn about the different types of office and creative papers.

Take this multiple-choice quiz designed by the Business Optimizer team to reveal which type of paper is a match with you!

1# In which business area is your expertise?

a. Administration

b. The art department

c. Marketing

d. Business support services, e.g. HR, Finance or IT

#2 How do you prefer to showcase your work?

a. Extensive Excel spreadsheets are your modus operandi.

b. A beautiful hand-drawn illustration would be your chosen medium.

c. Something bright and colorful, probably – maybe a poster?

d. You’re easy, but it tends to be a PowerPoint deck with handouts.

#4 How do you feel about teamworking?

a. The more the merrier.

b. You’ll handpick a few select individuals.

c. You’ll seek a balance of talents to create a high-functioning team.

d. As a bit of an all-rounder yourself, you’re happy to wing it with whoever’s available.

#5 How would you describe your approach to office politics?

a. You tend to see things in black and white.

b. You adopt a creative approach to problem-solving.

c. Why waste time with politics? You prefer to live life in color!

d. Every topic is different. You’ll make up your mind when you need to.

#6 What are your business priorities?

a. Efficiency and value for money.

b. Creativity and originality.

c. Professional results and a commitment to delivering excellence.

d. Collaboration and sustainability.

That’s it! Simple, huh? Now check the results to determine which paper is most like you!

Mostly As

You’ll love an 80gsm to 90gsm white paper. Try a coated paper for better ink efficiency. It’ll be ideal for high volume print jobs which don’t need colour. This is a cost-efficient way to get great printing results for your day-to-day office printing.

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Mostly Bs

For creative work, you’ll want to use a high-quality cartridge paper. This is the paper of choice for artists. You can’t use it in a standard office printer, but it’s perfect for hand sketching and watercolours. It comes in at a heavy 180gsm to 230gsm and boasts a wonderful, tactile texture.

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Mostly Cs

You are a real office heavyweight! A chunky 160gsm paper is ideal for an impressive result. It screams quality. Plus, you’ll achieve great high-definition results, especially when working in full colour designs and photography.

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Mostly Ds

For a great all-rounder, look for a 100gsm to 120gsm white paper. Ideally, opt for a paper made from a high proportion of recycled fibers to boost your green credentials. If you choose a paper with a specialist finish for high opacity, you’ll love the results when duplex printing.

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