What is the best paper to print flyers? [Infographic]

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March 30, 2017
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Designing a flyer was an adventure all by itself and there is a lot of work to be done before you hit print.

Do the design, plan the content, choose the paper, print the flyers and finally.. .deliver them

On the process, choose the paper is an important step. After all, you want your flyer to look good and classy right?

But how can you know what’s the best paper to print flyers? Here at the Business Optimizer, we want to help you on this matter.

Know Your Paper: What Does ‘gsm’ Mean?
Paper is graded according to the gsm (grams per square meter) scale. Almost every type of paper you can buy will be marked as XX gsm (or sometimes just XX gm), typically between 35 gm and 160 gm.

GSM does not technically measure thickness, it measures how many grams one meter by one meter square of this particular paper weighs. While the actual thickness might vary by a few fractions of a millimeter, it is still a reliable guide to the thickness, weight, and feel of a particular type of paper.

Five reasons why you must go for 160 g.m2 paper to print flyers

1# Extra thick and opaque paper

This is the ideal grade of paper to use for flyers, as it is heavy enough to feel substantial.

2# No Show-through or waviness

Not only it guarantees perfect images, this paper is ideal for double-sided print.

3#Excellence in digital colour printing

Perfect to enhance image quality with high contrast and definition.

4# Impressive colour documents

100% attention guaranteed, showing off real colour and vivid images.

5# Guaranteed use in all office equipment

It works quite well in most office printers.

Paper of this grade is also excellent for Certificates, diplomas and similar documents, Brochures and marketing materials of other kinds, Menus, Greeting cards, Business cards.
So now you know 160 g.m2 paper is the one to go for when you want to print flyers!

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If you are worry about the flyer’s design, Don’t’! You can find online various website with free templates you can try! Check it out these: