Three fun napkin folding ideas for your Christmas table

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December 16, 2022
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December 27, 2022

Any regular reader of the Business Optimizer blog will know how partial we are to an attractive origami project. We love these fun ideas for bringing some extra Christmas magic to your table this holiday season!

Dress your table for the festive season with these amazing ideas for origami Christmas decorations.

#1. Turkey napkin fold has a wonderful instruction video for this fabulous origami idea. We think this original origami design is a fun idea for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

You’ll need two napkins per person to create this turkey and it is a fairly complex 26-step process, but once you have completed one, we think you’ll whizz through the rest of the settings for your table. Plus, it’s a fun idea that will definitely get your guests talking!

Watch the video to see exactly how to fold your napkins and create this original origami Christmas decoration.

#2. Christmas tree napkin fold

Instructables has another brilliant video explainer which shows you how to make a folded napkin origami Christmas decoration for your festive table.

This design uses just the one napkin – a green one preferably! – to create an origami Christmas tree. This design is a fair bit simpler than the turkey origami above, with just fourteen steps to work through, but it looks fantastic and is certainly festive.

Watch the video to see exactly how to create this original origami Christmas decoration in the shape of a Christmas tree.

#3. Poinsettia napkin fold

How about a Christmas flower for your table? This origami poinsettia is the most complex of all the origami Christmas decorations for your festive table that we’re featuring here.

The complex process involves a lot of folds, but hopefully you’ll agree that it is worth the extra effort! We think this design would look equally fantastic using a white or cream or red napkin so, whatever color scheme you’ve settled on for your festive table decoration this year, this origami napkin fold will fit right in.

Watch the video here to learn how to create this original origami Christmas decoration in the shape of a poinsettia.

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