What Kind of Journal Should You Keep?

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October 11, 2022
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From daily, gratitude to travel, the journal options are endless. Whether you have been journaling for years and are looking for a new journal idea, or simply looking to get started, this 1 minute quiz can help you understand what kind of journal you should keep. 

Get ready to start filling in your blank pages today!

Now that you know what type of journal fits your needs, it’s time to make your first entry.

Here are a few journaling tips:

  • Forget the first page: First-page jitters do happen. So, if you’re having trouble getting past the first blank page. Why not doodle, write your name, add images, or just skip it altogether? Choose a random page in the center and begin there. It becomes easier after a few entries, and you can return to the starting page when you feel more comfortable.
  • Maintain consistency: Developing a new habit takes time. Some days, you may simply lack motivation. Don’t let that hold you, even if you only write a small sentence, just show up. Set a journaling time in your schedule and make it a joyful experience by including a cup of tea or a nice view. Create a setting and atmosphere that makes you look forward to this time every day.
  • Journal Prompts: Do you want to start but feel uninspired or unsure what to write about? Make a list of journal prompts that you can delve into further. Prompt Lists It includes questions you’d like to try to answer, realizations you’ve had, feelings you’d like to explore, and memories you’d like to preserve.
  • Don’t edit: You may feel tempted to edit and write flawless sentences but avoid doing so. Stopping to rewrite or make corrections takes you away from your line of thought.

Whatever your reason for starting, journaling is a fantastic habit to develop. Hopefully, this post has provided you with some fantastic inspiration and ideas for getting started with journaling.