Four office pranks for April fool’s day

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April Fool’s Day falls on the first of April each year. It’s traditionally a day for playing harmless pranks to reveal the April Fool who falls for them. This year, we’re sharing some ideas for bringing some foolish April pranks to the office.

April Fool’s Day

The first day of April is known as a day for playing tricks and pulling hoaxes on others. Although the origins of the day are unknown, the tradition continues to be observed in many Western countries.

With many staff now returning to the office after many months apart, April Fool’s Day is a nice opportunity to share some laughs and rebuild team spirit among colleagues. With this in mind, we share some brilliant ideas for harmless pranks that might brighten up a co-workers’ day this April Fool’s Day.

Playing April Fools pranks in the office

Before we share some ideas about April pranks we’ve seen and loved online, it’s worth noting that it always pays to be sensitive to colleagues’ feelings before pulling any kind of stunt or prank.

Don’t do anything that is unkind, anything that singles individual people out or, of course, anything potentially dangerous or offensive.

1. Not under your command: the mouse trap

This is a funny trick to play on anyone who still uses a desktop mouse with their PC or laptop. If you stick a post-it note over the sensor on the underside of the mouse, it will stop the mouse from working. Scribble a quick exclamation on the post-it note before you stick it to the underside of the mouse stating your “April Fool!” message to the unfortunate user.

2. Donut joke about it: a healthy snack replacement

We love this truly harmless prank! When office workers saw notes around the office promising Krispy Kreme donuts in the breakout area, they no doubt hurried in to grab a treat. However, when they lifted the lids they were treated to something else entirely – a box of healthy sliced raw fruit and veg. It’s a cruel trick to play for the donut lovers in the office… although it is a boon for those who want to eat more healthily.

The sweet toothed office workers weren’t disappointed for long though, because this kind prankster had bought in donuts as well for everyone to share!

3. Plane funny: Fake plugs in Dublin airport

In 2019, some prankster pasted some lifelike stickers in a number of locations around Dublin airport. The stickers were printed to look exactly like electricity sockets. With so many travellers passing through wanting to charge their phones, many people were fooled by these spoof outlets. At the time, the Irish Post reported that the fake outlets were set up as part of an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank.

4. Speak not-so-easy: the system upgrade prank

Watch your colleagues shouting at the office equipment with this silly hoax! Print off an official-looking notice advising that the office equipment has been upgraded to be voice activated. Then post the announcements next to key pieces of office equipment – perhaps the copier machine or the elevator. Then find a discreet place to sit back and watch while your colleagues try to test out the new voice controls!

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