10 Coloring Templates for Mother Earth Day

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April 15, 2021
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Mother Earth Day colouring templates

It’s Earth Day on April 22. This is the day designated by the United Nations for celebrating Mother Earth and recommitting to protecting the small planet on which we live.

Since the first Earth Day in the USA in 1970, many important environmental events have happened on Earth Day – including the recent signing of the Paris Agreement.

This year, the Biden Administration will convene a global climate summit on Earth Day 2021. In this way, Earth Day continues to be a momentous and unifying day each and every year.

These coloring pages are a great way to raise your children’s awareness about the day, using one of the world’s most sustainable products – paper!

#1. Earth Day Poster

This earth day poster is begging out for some bright rainbow colors. Download it for free from Best Coloring Pages for Kids.

#2. Remember the date!

To raise awareness of Earth Day, why not ask your kids to color in this poster which highlights the day and the date? Then put up their artwork in your window to raise awareness of this important international event. Download this poster for free from Best Coloring Pages for Kids.

#3. Recycle Poster

Did you know that paper is one of the most widely recycled materials in the world? In Europe as much as 70% of paper waste is recycled. Once your kids have had fun coloring this page which highlights the importance of recycling, remember to add it to your paper recycling too!

Download the poster for free from Best Coloring Pages for Kids.

#4. We live on planet Earth

Twinkl provides wonderful resources for children’s learning, many of which are free. This collection of Earth-inspired pages are great for coloring fun – and they help children to understand and explain where they live in the world. Download the coloring pages for free from Twinkl learning resources.

#5. Earth page borders

These Earth page borders are another free downloadable from Twinkl that might help to inspire children in Earth Day themed creations. Ask kids to use the space in the center of the page to draw or write about an Earth Day themed topic.

#6. Earth Day Coloring Sheets

To access premium content on the Twinkl educational resources website, you must subscribe. However, if you have kids it’s a great investment – there is always plenty of activities on there to help support their education and celebrate special events. These Earth Day coloring sheets are premium content, so you will need to subscribe to download them.

#7. National Trust

These plant- and animal-inspired designs are beautiful illustrations inspired by the National Trust’s historic properties in the UK. Although they are not about Earth Day itself, they help to remind us why we have a duty to look after our planet for all its residents, not just ourselves. Download all six of the coloring sheets for free from the National Trust website.

#8. Crayola

The company best known for its colors and crayons for kids provides a collection of free coloring resources on its website to help inspire your children’s creativity. For Earth Day coloring pages, you can choose between an Earth Day tree image and an Earth Day recycling image. Download for free from the Crayola website.

#9. The view of Earth from space

Where better to get a picture of planet Earth from than the USA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration? On the NASA website, there’s a whole host of planetary coloring pages, including – of course – one of our own planet. Download the planet Earth coloring page for free from NASA.

#10. Millie Marotta’s Wild Child Workbook

Millie Marotta is the doyenne of adult and mindfulness coloring books. She shares a great number of free coloring pages from her hugely successful coloring books on her own website. The Millie Marotta Wild Child workbook is a wonderful free download of an eleven-page workbook that includes three coloring pages, information about the animals featured and a wordsearch. Celebrating the Earth’s unique animal treasures is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. Download the coloring workbook for free on the Millie Marotta website.