Customize Your Christmas Cards with Super Simple Lettering

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December 4, 2020
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December 17, 2020
christmas diy postcard with simple lettering

Adding a personalised touch to your Christmas cards and messages doesn’t have to be complicated. These super simple lettering ideas show you how!

Add a personalised touch by customising your Christmas cards with super simple lettering. It’s easy and it looks great. Just check out these hand-drawn lettering designs by UK artist Oscar Wilson.  Even if you aren’t quite up to Wilson’s quality, handwritten notes and simple lettering will never go out of style. 

Here’s our pick of tips and ideas.

#1. Try calligraphy out for style!

Writing with ink can be tricky to master at first, but it can yield beautiful results with a little practice.  Why not invest in a calligraphy set and give it a try?

#2. Need inspiration?

Book Authority has handily compiled this list of the 100 greatest calligraphy books of all time.  If you need some inspiration for your handwritten style, check out this list.

#3. Pick up a pencil

Remember the bubble writing you used to cover your jotter with at school?  Recreating that simple hand-drawn style adds a real homemade charm to your Christmas cards and correspondence.  If you need to build your confidence first, start by reading this guide to hand lettering for beginners by Little Coffee Fox.

#4. Practice on graph paper

Practice on graph paper first before drawing on your cards or finished pieces.  Graph paper is super helpful because you can see exactly whether you are maintaining the same size, angle, kerning and detailing throughout.  That makes it perfect for practicing!

#5. Five steps to success

Creative Live Classes say there’s just five steps to hand-drawn lettering success: choose your pens and pencils + choose your paper + do some warm up exercises + start lettering + produce a finished piece.  Simple!

#6. Need more inspiration?

Why not invest in a book about fonts? As well as providing lots of ideas for lettering you can use, many also guide you through simple techniques for professional lettering results.

#7. Try a stencil

If you are sure hand-drawn lettering styles aren’t for you, the simplest option to go for is a lettering stencil.  There’s a real old-school appeal to the lettering you can produce with a plastic alphabet stencil.

#8. Print it out!

If you’ve tried all these suggestions and you still aren’t happy with the finished look, you’ll need this guide from CreativeBloq.  It lists 43 of the best free-of-charge handwriting-style computer fonts.  It’s not cheating… just making the most of all the resources to hand!

Good luck and happy decorating!