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September 23, 2020
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October 8, 2020

The origins of origami stretch back for centuries, but the joy of folding paper has been brought to a brand-new audience on Nintendo Switch. Japanese electronic games giant, Nintendo, has launched the origami-inspired game featuring everyone’s favorite Italian plumber, Mario!

Players have been able to play Paper Mario on other Nintendo devices, including the Nintendo DS, but Paper Mario, The Origami King, is now available on their most recent device, the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is both a games console for in-home play and a hand-held mobile gaming device.

A fun thing to do at home

While there are many fun paper games to play, Paper Mario, The Origami King, delivers a truly digital experience as Mario battles to save the Kingdom from the wily Folded Soldiers. Working with a new partner, Olivia, Mario has to rescue Princess Peach from arch-baddie, King Olly.

For many people wondering how you can entertain yourself at home, they may think that electronic video games are not for them. However, Paper Mario, The Origami King, simply gives fun paper games you can do at home a new lease of life and an injection of comedy.

With a nod to origami’s classic Japanese origins, Mario joins forces with his usual foes – the Toads and Bowser – in a series of ring-based battles that unfold all over the kingdom.

The game opens as Mario and Luigi receive an invitation from Princess Peach to attend the origami festival, but little do they know that the terrible King Ollie has now captured Princess Peach and turned her into origami. Evil King Ollie has also taken her castle, sealed shut by five giant origami streamers, to a distant mountain hideaway.

Full of plans to re-fold the world, King Ollie, ruler of Origami Kingdom, will stop at nothing – but he hadn’t reckoned with our hero, Mario. Players will be able to master the finer skills of origami – even if only digitally – by using techniques, such as the 1000-fold paper arms. On his journey to rescue Princess Peach, Mario moves between ring-based battles, where he takes on the Folded Soldiers, and landscape-based adventures that he can pull, peel and hit in order to advance.

Players will need to have courage in battle, but also be good at solving puzzles and be quick-witted.

While most video games aim to make play more lifelike, Paper Mario makes the most of 2D graphics to really capture the essence of our digital paper-based heroes. The games’ backdrops also feature stunning origami trees and landscapes.