8 Secrets to Make Your Office Ultra-Productive 8

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We’re going to let you know right from the start: increase your office productivity…

…. it’s not done simply by making the coffee stronger or hovering over your employees so you “push” them to do more.
Fortunately, we’ve found some easy to implement ways to improve your company productivity.

Try these eight easy-to-implement ways to motivate your office to perform.


1# Celebrate Success

Good work deserves to be celebrated. Create a positive reinforcement culture: recognizing success and hard work is the single best way to inspire continued success and hard work.

2# A Lovely Day?

Vitamin D deficiency is connected to fatigue and tiredness. Sunlight is one source of essential Vitamin D – so if it is possible to move employee workstations into the natural light, this can help boost productivity and inspire good moods.

3# Solicit Feedback

Your team is the best judge of what is helping them succeed and what is holding them back. Any initiative to boost productivity must take into account their views. Simply demonstrating that you are open and responsive to their needs can help to inspire. But don’t stop there – act on the feedback to reinforce this positive vibe.

4# Add Images That Inspire & Motivate.

Help your teams keep their eyes on the prize! As well as making for a nicer environment, posters and messages around the office can help to inspire and celebrate success – just ensure your wall art matches with your company culture and branding.

5# Make Everyone Accountable.

When everyone feels accountable for completing tasks and achieving results, those who care will contribute.

6# Invest in staff; develop skills

Staff must be empowered to deliver the tasks and results they have been assigned: support staff to achieve their goals with workshops to boost time management skills and productivity, or other skills development they need support with.

7# Think Outside the Box

People don’t perform their best when they are expected to work like automatons. Encourage creativity by giving your teams autonomy and freedom – this has been shown to boost employee engagement and productivity.

8# Deal Creatively with Low Morale

If morale is low, productivity will be low. If morale in your team is in the doldrums, look for creative ways to build it. Encouraging team members to design their own morale-boosting projects – the way Google.com does with its employees – has the potential to send your productivity through the roof.

Following these tips does not grant you for sure the most productive office in the world. But, it’s a start, and above all, you must find what works better for you team.

Original post published on February 5, 2016.