How to Hygge (the Danish secret of happiness) at Work

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December 28, 2017
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steps to hygge at work

Have you ever heard about Hygge, the Danish secret of happiness?

Well, Hygge is a Danish lifestyle trend based on the notions of coziness, warmth and familiarity. The concept is becoming increasingly prevalent in homes and offices, with advocates stating that it can substantially enhance comfort and productivity levels in the workplace.

The Business Optimizer team members are always looking for new ways to help you to be more productive and… to bring “hygge” to work, could be the next big productivity tip.


5 Steps to be more hygge at work

Though the workplace isn’t always associated with feelings of relaxation and contentment, there are various steps you can take to be more hygge in the office.

1# Personalize your desk as much as possible

Add items that lift mood and increase happiness.

These items can include photos, books, mugs, favorite teabags or biscuits from home. Adding plants to your workspace can also be highly beneficial, enabling you to recreate the feelings of happiness associated with the great outdoors.

Special lighting and candles can also make your desk more ‘hyggelig’.

2# Take your work breaks outside

Heading outdoors during your lunch break can elevate your mood significantly.

Invite more daylight and exercise into your life, particularly during the winter months. This can be achieved by taking steps such as getting off your bus or train a stop early, or by parking your car further away from the office.

3# Wear cozy clothing

Wear cozy, warm clothing during the colder months of the year. Suitable garments may include cuddly cardigans, thick socks and elegant cashmere jumpers.

4# Hygge and music

Music can also make your day-to-day working life more ‘hyggelig’.

Soothing and uplifting music can dramatically increase your sense of workplace contentment, whether you are listening alone via headphones or enjoying it communally with colleagues.

Various studies have shown that people living in Scandinavian countries generally report high levels of job satisfaction, with work being regarded as a vast source of pride and joy rather than a means to an end.

5# Nurturing colleague relationships

Hygge also focusses on being seen and recognized, which is why nurturing better relationships with colleagues is highly recommended.

To deliver greater feelings of hygge to the office, you could arrange distinctive and fun activities during breaks and after work, bring in treats for colleagues, play games or simply ask your colleagues how they are feeling or if they require assistance with anything.
Hygge has gained a global reputation for making homes and offices much nicer places to be. The concept is said to have played a pivotal role in making Denmark one of the happiest countries in the world.

Its influence on other countries is growing at a remarkable pace. Though there is no direct English equivalent for the term, the phrase “coziness of the soul” has been used to describe hygge.

The popularity of hygge keeps growing, with more businesses incorporating the concept into their offices. Are you ready to embrace hygge at work?