Top 5 books for personal growth to read in 2023

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January 17, 2023
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Ready your mind for 2023 with this diverse collection of books for business success and personal growth. Spanning ideas are varied as dealing with uncertainty to developing small, new habits which will help you get more from life, this collection of books is thought-provoking and full of useful ideas and strategies for personal growth.

The Light We Carry

by Michelle Obama

Following her critically acclaimed, multi-million #1 bestselling memoir, Becoming, Michelle Obama is back with another critically acclaimed book: this time, a toolkit to live boldly. The Light We Carry inspires readers to examine their own lives, identify their sources of gladness and connect meaningfully in a turbulent world. The former First Lady shares her practical wisdom and powerful strategies for staying hopeful and balanced whatever life throws at us. With her trademark humor, candor, and compassion, she explores issues connected to race, gender, and visibility, encouraging readers to work through fear, find strength in community and live with boldness.

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals

by Oliver Burkeman

Critics have suggested Four Thousand Weeks is a much-needed reality check on our culture’s crazy assumptions around work, productivity and living a meaningful life. In it, Guardian journalist Oliver Burkeman argues that our drive to get more done can become an excuse to avoid figuring out what we actually want to accomplish.

Burkeman suggests that the appeal of fantasy time management systems is a kind of emotional avoidance. Instead, he asks: What if you tried to stop doing everything, so you could finally get round to what counts? As the author told BBC Radio 4, “Once you internalize the fact there’s always too much to do, that’s incredibly empowering, I think, because it creates this shift in perception where you can just focus on pouring your time and attention into a handful of things that really count – and stop beating yourself up about not being able to do the things that were never really on the cards anyway.”.

In rejecting the futile obsession with “getting everything done”, the book offers readers tools for constructing a meaningful life by embracing rather than denying their limitations. Drawing on the insights of both ancient and contemporary philosophers, psychologists and spiritual teachers, Burkeman sets out to realign our relationship with time – and, in doing so, to liberate us from its tyranny.

The Upside of Uncertainty: A Guide to Finding Possibility in the Unknown

by Nathan R. Furr and Susannah Harmon Furr

Published in July 2022, The Upside to Uncertainty is a science-backed guide for navigating today’s uncertain world. The authors argue that uncertainty is an ambiguous and uncomfortable state that can make us feel confused, anxious and afraid to act. Though these moments are difficult but, by embracing them, we can transform uncertainty into something positive. The work is based on interviews and insights from world-renowned leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives and explores their strategies for turning those feelings into an opportunity for growth.

Drawing from hundreds of interviews, along with pioneering research in psychology, innovation, and behavioral economics, the authors provide tools, models, techniques and reflections to help you thrive through the inevitable plot twists in your life and career.

Elevate Your Team: Empower Your Team to Reach Their Full Potential and Build a Business That Builds Leaders

by Robert Glazer

Due for publication in March 2023, Elevate Your Team has already drawn much praise from business leaders. Glazer is the founder and CEO of global partnership marketing agency, Acceleration Partners. He’s also the international bestselling author of four books: Elevate, How To Thrive In The Virtual Workplace, Friday Forward, and Performance Partnerships. This follow-up to Elevate explores how our ability to elevate – to exceed and outperform expectations – is directly related to our ability to build capacity in ourselves and others. Glazer shares how to build the team’s capacity holistically, help people reach their full potential, and develop the organization’s next generation of leaders. He offers a roadmap to help your people thrive both personally and professionally – without burning out.

Just One Thing

by Michael Moseley

The popular broadcaster and bestselling author of Fast 800 and The Eight-Week Blood Sugar Diet returns with a new book based on his eponymous BBC podcast. In it, Dr Moseley looks at the science behind several wonderfully easy and practicable ways to improve both your physical and mental health as part of his mission to unearth small, simple things you can introduce into your routine which will have a big impact on your mental and physical health. For example, did you know that eating chocolate can help your heart? Or that singing can give you a natural “high”? Or that having more houseplants can boost your productivity and brain? By chatting with experts and road testing the tips, Dr Moseley helps you discover the small things that could really make a difference to how you feel every day.

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