How to: Make a paper plane

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How to make a paper plane

Fancy some low-key fun that everyone can indulge in? Why not challenge your office to a paper plane building contest? We take a look at some of the best design instructions, so you can have fun with paper.

Paper planes are fun. They are creative. And all they require is one readily available material: paper. Here’s how to build one!

#1. Use Navigator’s 90 g.m-2 paper

Navigator has plenty of paper solutions but this extra smooth bright white paper is perfect for making a paper plane. Take NVG expression 90 gm-2 paper and try The New York Times paper-themed activity. The newspaper came up with plenty activities during lockdown for families who wanted cheap and easy ways to keep little ones (and not-so-little ones) amused. These easy-to-follow instructions do have a lengthy number of steps, but you’ll find that it is well worth the effort!

#2. Keep it simple!

If you prefer to go right back to basics, the dart is the perfect paper plane! This is the classic paper plane we all learnt to build at school. If you need a quick reminder about how to do it, this one-minute video will show you how!

#3. A true classic

For fans of classic aviation with a little more patience than your average paper-plane aficionado, this classic Concorde design is the paper plane for you! It’s a lot more involved than the dart (naturally) with a full six minutes of instructions – but for impressive, aerodynamic flying it’s worth the extra effort. And it looks cool too!

#4. One for Star Wars fans

If building Concorde isn’t impressive enough for you, take your paper plane building skills to the next level with this amazing paper folding design. Although not technically a plane, these Star Wars Tie-Fighters fly mighty well.

#5. You’re really showing off now…

For some really amazing paper folding, this F15 fighter plane is sure to impress… You can be your very own Top Gun when you build and fly this little paper beauty! The complex design comes with a full 16 minutes of instructions, but if you really want your paper planes to rule the skies, this is the one for you!

#6. Get some professional help!

Feel like it’s all too much effort? Or just having no luck launching? Don’t panic! If you truly can’t get your paper planes to fly, then help is at hand. This fantastic book of 200 paper planes by Sam Baer and Andy Tudor features foolproof instructions and a whole book of colorful, tear-out sheets, so you can’t go wrong!

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