7 back to school sustainable items that every student must have

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August 27, 2020
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September 8, 2020

With the start of the new school year upon us, doing what we can to be green has never been more important. We can all make environmentally sound choices when it comes to choosing supplies for a sustainable back to school and we can make little changes can add up to a big difference

1.Keep Cool

Children need to stay hydrated throughout the day so that they can get the most from their learning. Water bottles are mandatory in many schools, but they are so often plastic-made. This year, why not try a stainless-steel water bottle

2. Paper Pens and pencils

Plastic is so out right now. Fortunately, the market offers pretty awesome alternatives. Paper pens are one of the eco-friendly writing supplies that you can choose. Not only they’re highly sustainable, but they’re also fun. After ending its lifecycle, you actually plant the pen to grow into a tree. How perfect is that? Younger children can also pack their pencil case full of sustainably sourced wooden pencils or keep an eye out for Sprout pencils that have a little seed that can be planted and nurtured by the children.

3. Sustainable notebooks

What are the best notebooks for school in green terms? There are many different options that you can choose to complete your eco-friendly back to school supplies, from jotters that replant trees to notepads that use recycled card instead of a plastic covering or notebooks made with eco-logical paper. How about that?!

4. Zero waste

Why not make the most of your family meal leftovers and send your little ones to school with a stainless-steel snack flask? You can make sure they’ve got something hot and tasty to look forward to lunchtime, lovingly prepared by you.

5. Paper-bags

For warmer days, children might prefer to stick to a sandwich or wrap. Typically, these are kept separate from the rest of their lunch packs with a single-use plastic bag. The great news is that there are some amazingly sustainable options on the market now. Like pretty cool paper-bags. Make even funnier by recruiting the kids to so some “killer” decorations!

6. In the bag

How a school bag looks has always been an important part of the school experience. Now, its green credentials are just as important. Biodegradable laminate and sustainable cotton backpacks are strong, look great, and are much more planet-friendly.

7. Pencil cases

This school bag staple can be bought in some absolutely stunning sustainable cotton designs or purchased as natural cotton, with a blank canvas so that pupils can personalize to their own tastes.