7 Free Resume Templates

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July 14, 2020
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Putting your best self forward on your resume is about more than just good writing, your resume design, and the paper on which you print it say something about you too.

One page or two?  Chronological or skills-based?

There are many different ways to present your skills and experience to potential new employers.  These are some of the best free templates for your resume.

#1. Simple but sophisticated

The Adobe cloud platform Behance which allows designers to share and showcase their work can be a source of great inspiration and resources.  This CV and cover letter template is no exception.  Classic styling and the clarity of the layout make this resume template a sophisticated choice.

#2. Focused on experience

Resume.com is a free online tool that helps you to build your resume with examples of different layouts, tips, and content suggestions for different jobs types and experience levels.  This example of a resume for an experienced graphic designer shows exactly how to present your experience succinctly and to its best advantage.

#3. Clear layout with plenty of white space

While you might want to list all your best points, a cluttered resume will not impress.  If you can bring extra clarity and focus you can bring to your achievements and experience, this will usually serve you better.  To this end, the sparse layout of this cleanly styled resume free sample on the free design resources website will help you really focus on what you need to say.

#4. Well-organized verbosity

If you really can’t reduce your achievements to so minimal a style as the previous resume template will allow, you could opt for this galaxy template, also free on Behance.  It offers more scope for waxing lyrical about yourself, your skills and your achievements, but does so in a well-organized way.

#5. A colorful choice

Another free online tool to help you build out your resume is provided at Resume Genius.  There are a whole host of templates from which to choose here, all offered in multiple color options.  The modern templates are by far the most appealing.  The website also offers you the extra benefit of being guided through the resume creation process step by step.

#6. A timeline approach

For an unconventional approach to resume layout, this free Word template from Microsoft will certainly make your curriculum vitae stand out from the rest.  It uses a timeline-based approach to layout your skills and achievements in a striking and unusually visual way.

#7. The skills infographic

Placing a small infographic on your resume to illustrate your skillsets is an increasingly popular addition to the traditional resume format.  While you might not want to go the whole hog and commit 100% to the infographic resume approach, it’s quite possible to incorporate this nod to contemporary design in a stylish way with this free Word resume template from Microsoft’s premium collection.

Once you’ve chosen your template, you’ll need to plan the content and copy carefully and proofread it for errors several times over.  After all, you only get the one chance to make a first impression. 

Choosing the right paper for the job

Choosing the right paper is the next important design choice.  Don’t skimp here: choose a quality paper to ensure that your resume creates the right impression, conveys your seriousness in the opportunity and stands out from the competition.

Paper can also help you out to reinforce your message and spread your statement into the world.

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