What were the top Google search terms of 2019 ?

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December 31, 2019
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What were the trending searches on Google in 2019?  The search engine has shared the stats on the most popular searches of 2019 and it’s a surprising and, at times, inspiring mix! 

In the USA, the ten most popular searches of 2019 were: 

  • Disney Plus 
  • Cameron Boyce 
  • Nipsey Hussle 
  • Hurricane Dorian 
  • Antonio Brown 
  • Luke Perry 
  • Avengers: Endgame 
  • Game of Thrones 
  • iPhone 11 
  • Jussie Smollet 

This list shows an incredible triumph of marketing for Disney – its Disney Life channel was launched at the tail end of the year, so the fact it heads up the list demonstrates a vast wave of interest in the channel. 

We need heros

However, after analysing wider trends, Google says the year’s searches demonstrate our need to find heroes in a time of uncertainty.  It dedicates its review of the year to everyone using their powers to empower others. 

Meanwhile, in Mexico the searches that dominated were: BTC; Thanos; and Día de Meurtos.  In Canada, the top searches were for: Toronto Raptors; Kawhi Leonard; and Canada Election Results. 

Over in Europe, the top searches varied widely.  In the UK they were dominated by: the Rugby World Cup; Cricket World Cup; and Game of Thrones.  In France, the searches that led the top results were for: Notre Dame de Paris; Marie Laforêt; and Neymar.  In Germany, the top three Google searches were: Rebecca Reusch; Notre Dame; and Handball WM.  

On a global basis, this all added up to a top five that looked like this: 

  • India vs South Africa 
  • Cameron Boyce 
  • Copa America 
  • Bangladesh vs India 
  • iPhone 11 

While Disney might have got the American market in the bag, it seems the universal appeal of the Apple brand is still a world leader.  Even then, it’s surpassed by three major sporting events and one celebrity, who sadly died in July last year.  The fact that three of the top five results are sporting events shows us that sport still has the power to bring us together. 

With that positive note in mind, we can expect the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to be heading up next year’s list of most popular Google search terms!