What is Ultra-High-Definition Paper?

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April 17, 2019
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April 30, 2019

Business Optimizer explains the newest trend in paper: ultra-high definition.  What is it?  And why do you need it?

We’ve all heard of “ultra high definition” in the context of TV and digital screens.  But, most likely, thinking about ultra-high definition in terms of paper will be new to you.

That’s because ultra-high definition is new: thanks to an innovative specialist paper coating that improves print quality.

What is ultra-high-definition paper?

Ultra-high definition is a new range of paper quality launched this year by Navigator Paper.  The European paper manufacturer has developed a special surface treatment that dramatically improves the quality of colour print results.

Consumers have always had the choice of uncoated and coated papers for their printing jobs.  Uncoated papers are great if you want to write on the paper, or for internal office printing.

Coated papers have long been the choice for achieving a more professional result when printing colour print jobs.  A coating is applied to the paper that prevents ink being absorbed into the paper – so that text and images are created with sharper edges and denser colours.

Now, Navigator Paper has developed a special surface treatment; a fixer that reacts with ink and holds the colour pigment near the surface.  This ensures vivid colours and high contrast definition.  In addition, the solution is fast drying.

The Navigator UHD Formula also guarantees higher levels of smoothness.  This avoids the problem of curl that is caused by irregular ink absorption on traditional papers when colour printing.

Why do I need ultra-high-definition paper?

If you print colour documents, the new Navigator range is a great choice for you.  Research shows that key decision makers highly value print quality when printing in colour.

If you are printing promotional or marketing materials, print quality takes on even greater importance.

Furthermore, if you have invested in one of the new powerful inkjet printers entering the market – from machine manufacturers including HP, Epson, Xerox and Canon – you will want to choose a paper that allows you to fully benefit from the investment you have made in your new printer technology.  Navigator ultra-high-definition paper is the choice for you.

How do I get hold of ultra-high-definition paper?

Navigator is offering the ultra-high-definition special coating on five different papers in its range:

  • Navigator “Universal” 80gsm paper
  • Navigator “Organizer” 80gsm paper
  • Navigator “Expression” 90gsm paper
  • Navigator “Presentation” 100gsm paper
  • Navigator “Colour Documents” 120gsm paper

Navigator Paper is inviting everyone to join its “high definition revolution” by choosing one of these papers from its new ultra-high definition range that aims to Redefine Definition itself.