10 Best Productivity Apps from 2018

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December 18, 2018
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Business Optimizer shares its favorite productivity apps from 2018.

1. Google Keep

Google Keep gives users a way to jot ideas down on virtual sticky notes. This Chrome extension aims to replace all the sticky notes around your desktop monitor – enabling you to jot down lists and notes you can use later in Google docs.

2. MindMeister

We’re big fans of mind mapping – you can’t beat a flipchart for to our mind! But MindMeister aims to make the mind-mapping process digital. Open a new canvas then double-click anywhere to add your ideas.

3. Snappa

Snappa is a great little graphics design tool to help you create a more professional look for your social media accounts without the expense of a graphic designer. Loaded with pre-sized templates and super-easy to use, it helps reduce the time it takes to prepare images for all sorts of platforms.

4. Notability

If you like to take notes with your Apple pencil while recording audio, you need Notability. It can synchronize recorded audio with your handwritten notes – perfect for notating important meetings, seminars or lectures.

5. Scrivener

If you have occasion to write long-form content – whether as an aspirational novelist or extended whitepapers – Scrivener can help. It enables you to organize your ideas into sections, shuffle them around on a virtual corkboard and create detailed outlines.

6. Due

If you prefer not to store all your deadlines in your head, you could try this reminders app. You can store and maintain reminders of all types, so you don’t need dates and deadlines cluttering up your mind.

7. Productive

Productive is designed to help users embed the habits they want to nurture. Schedule the tasks you want to transform into a habit, set reminders and stay on track with useful feedback.

8. LastPass Password Manager

Instead of forgetting numerous passwords or doubling up on weak passwords to make them easier to remember, save yourself time and hassle with LastPass. Use your LastPass master password and LastPass generates strong passwords for you and autofills your web browser and app logins for you.

9. Buffer

Buffer is a powerful social media management tool with highly flexible options to schedule posts on a variety of channels. With user-friendly reporting, you can track important metrics and monitor the performance of all your social media activity from one place.

10. The good old-fashioned pen and paper

Ok, so it’s not an app. But it remains our favorite productivity tool. Read why here. There are so many ways paper can boost productivity – from inspirational wallcharts through bullet journaling to gratitude journals.

Start with this simple productivity technique: next time you are finding it difficult to concentrate, pull out a pen and notepad and write down everything on your mind. Jotting things down can help to clear your mind and give you time to reflect. You’ll feel calmer and have a clearer idea of what your priorities are.