Tips that Can Make You More Successful at Work

Richard Branson’s Success Tips
September 6, 2018
How to Deal with and Manage Your Own Success
September 13, 2018

Are you ready to boost your productivity at work? Don’t you know how?

Fear not, fellow office hero! We’ve selected a few premium tips to help you out to be the next big thing at your job!

Create a great workspace

We’re big fans of optimizing your working environment here at Business Optimizer. A well-organized desk is the first step to good organization. Not only do you look the part, it’s also a massive boost to productivity.

Optimize your time

There are many ways to optimize your working day in order to optimize productivity. The key is to pick the right way for you. If you’re a morning person, getting into the office early and getting a head start on tasks while the office is still empty can be a fantastic way to start the day. Knowing you’ve already ticked several things off your “to do” list while your colleagues are just arriving isn’t just productive; it’s motivating.

However, if mornings aren’t your thing, that’s not going to work. Putting in the groundwork to understand yourself, when you like to work and when you’re at your most productive is key to making improvements to your own productivity and success.

Learn to delegate

While it is tempting to want to ensure that work gets completed the way you would like it, successful people recognize that learning to delegate is key to maximizing productivity.

Knowing that you can find people who can not only do things as well as you but, likely, better than you and trusting them to do the job is the best way to free your time to concentrate on the things that really drive success.

However, Richard Branson has advice for anyone learning to hand over the reins:

While it’s important to trust your staff and collaborators and allow them some autonomy, it’s important to stay connected to your business, or you may not notice the warning signs when something is about to go wrong.”

Manage people well

While inspirational leadership helps to boost morale and productivity, people management skills are also important. Giving people freedom to take proactive decisions and take ownership also play a key role in building morale and boosting productivity.

As we discussed last month, making sure your team is happy and feeling refreshed has a major impact on productivity. And we’re not just talking about avoiding burnout; we’re talking about ensuring everyone in the team is firing on all cylinders.

Ensuring staff have good leave entitlement is only half the story; making sure people actually take the leave to which they are entitled is also crucial.

All in all, it’s a simple equation, but it has a lot of moving parts.

Great workspace + good time management + effective delegation + the right culture = optimum productivity.