5 Best Travel Journals you must keep

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July 5, 2018
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July 12, 2018

Vacations are usually the time to travel, relax and gather new energies and ideas.

The new sights and cultures inspire us in such way that you feel the urge to capture your feelings and thoughts.

A travel journal is pretty handy in these times, but a good notebook can be a source of inspiration.

The Business Optimizer team takes a look at a selection of five of the best notebooks for you to keep a travel journal during this summer’s vacation.

Why keep a travel journal?

  • You can save a personal record of your vacation
  • It’s a creative pursuit that might inspire you in new ways
  • You’ll have a central place to record travel information which you might want to refer to again
  • You can collect and store small souvenirs and postcards
  • It gives you the incentive, space and time for reflection
  • It’s an opportunity to organize your thoughts about where you’ve been and what you’ve done
  • It gives you an excuse to slow down for a little while during your travels
  • You can pass idle and waiting time writing

The Business Optimizer selection of Travel Journals

1. Moleskine Travel Journal
A compact classic, the 13cm x 21cm Moleskine travel journal features five themed sections to fill in and a further five tabbed sections to personalize. Keep track of checklists, calendars, travel information, budget and trip planners, memorable moments and more.

2. Aspinall of London
This leather-bound journal is a perfect keepsake for storing treasured vacation memories. Just 15cm x 10cm, this notebook has 144 buttery-cream plain pages bound in soft and supple brown Italian calfskin closed with leather ties.

3. A travel scrapbook

If you want to store souvenirs, sketches, photos, ticket stubs and the like in your travel journal, you might need something a little heftier. How about this 72-page scrapbook from Paperchase? At 330cm x 315cm, it’s considerably larger than the Aspinall or Moleskine journals, but if you have room to store it in your suitcase, you’ll have lots of fun sticking and stapling.

4. One for the kids
This Rant’n’Rave travel journal gives the kids space to let off steam about what they loved and loathed on their vacation. Rants start from one end, raves from the other and there’s plenty in between to keep them amused on long journeys.

5. Compile your own
Take a look at this inspiring hand-made collection in Conde Nast Traveller for inspiration on how to create your personal unique travel journal.

Keeping a travel journal is a unique and personal way to remember and reflect on your trip.

If you’ve never journaled your trips, we challenge you to do so this year and start enjoying a brand new travel notebook.