Could chatbots be our future teachers?

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April 20, 2018
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May 4, 2018

The technology of chatbots has been greatly involved in enhancing the digital learning environment and given an enormous impetus to online learning industry.

The chatbots are designed intelligently to guide the students by teaching them as well as carefully observe them on their work and any negligence.

Until now, the chatbots have made a considerable impact on the learning and development field. Since digital learning is growing at pace; a significant thought that comes, ‘will chatbots hit a homerun in the eLearning process too by helping people getting more engaged with the studies in future?

Let’s see how can chatbots improve engagement on eLearning process.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are generally known as ‘conversational agent’ that specializes in smart conversation with the human using artificial intelligence. This intelligent conversation can be executed in your smartphones through texts or audios.

Chatbots are made in an insightful way so that they can indulge in human-like conversation whether in the cartoon form or through a voice. But how the chatbots are made intelligent?

Three key things prepare an intelligent chatbot: the ability of learning, understanding of the context and thirdly coherent responses.

How can Chatbots help in eLearning

The innovation of chatbots has reduced the distance between technology and enlightenment. This innovation will let the students getting a better learning experience, kind of direct contact between a teacher and a student.

Not just interaction, chatbots also concentrate on the learners’ behavior and progress and by that means improving the students’ level.

How chatbots can improve engagement on eLearning process.

1# Rise in Social Learning

With chatbots, the students can engage with the larger group of students and improve their social network as well as participating in sharing perspectives.

This is because a large number of learners join social learning platforms from various places to get associated in a particular course. Hence, chatbots can be used in social interaction.

2# Way to Personalized Learning Experience

One of the appreciable convenience of digital learning through chatbots is it strengthens the pathway to personalized learning.

Stating in other words, eLearning with chatbots can help in planning and organizing the course according to their requirements and the learner can decide to do selective modules on the basis of their ability to serve their purpose.

3# Chatbots as Teachers’ Helping Hand

Chatbots can improve engagement on eLearning process by acting as teachers and playing a major role in instructing the students throughout the course. The teachers get benefit through chatbots since they can rely on it for managing the students’ queries.

Not just this, these bots are capable of monitoring the learners’ progress. This way, the teachers can save their time and dedicate that in bringing out the best from the students separately.


Future is right here, beside us. Chatbots are only a small hitch of the benefits that technology can bring us. Now, it’s up to us to embrace and take the maximum advantages, in a very healthy and productive way.