10 Tips for Organizing Your Work Life

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September 8, 2016
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We all want to be more productive; to get more done in less time, making us more efficient at work and affording us more free time outside of it.

Productivity can be a difficult skill to master, however. To help you out, here are 10 simple tips to make you more productive at work.

#1 Check in first thing

Start your day by checking any notifications you have received in the night, including emails, social media, and any other work-related platforms. If there are any updates that can be dealt with quickly, do them right away. For bigger tasks, schedule them in for a time when you can dedicate more attention to them. If anything isn’t important, simply delete it.

#2 Make the most of your commute

If you commute to work, you should make the most of this time. You could check up on the status of all of your projects and coordinate with your teams to determine what needs doing.

#3 Don’t waste time in meetings

Team meetings are often an important part of staying organised, but they can also be known to drag on a bit. People go off on tangents and time is wasted as a result. Try to cut down meeting times by 25% to gain back precious hours that could be spent on more productive things.

#4 Take scheduled breaks

If you try to work solidly all day, you’ll probably find that your mind starts to wander more often and you find it more difficult to stay focused. Schedule regular periods throughout the day where you take short breaks from what you’re doing to refresh your mind.

#5 Work offsite

If you are in a job where you can work away from the office on occasion, you should do it. If you don’t rely on other team members or need to be in the office for a certain task, working from home or elsewhere can free you of the distractions that come with a bustling office.

#6 Consolidate notifications

You can waste a lot of time checking updates on multiple platforms. Try to organise these so that your important notifications all come to the same place to cut down on time spent switching between them.

#7 Turn off pop-up notifications

If you receive an alert every time a notification comes in, this will take your mind off the task at hand on regular intervals. So, switch them off and just check your emails at certain times of the day to keep up to date.

#8 Email less

Don’t rely on email for all conversations. If you want to converse with someone in your office, walk over to talk to them or pick up the phone. This can reduce time spent waiting for responses and reduce the confusion that arises from multiple email threads.

#9 Break up larger tasks

Large tasks can be overwhelming, often leading to procrastination. Cut these large tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks to get through it quicker and with less stress.

#10 Use checklists

Performing repetitive tasks can lead to errors being made, especially if you are rushing. Checklists can help you to reduce these errors and work more effectively.

Follow these 10 tips to organise your time at work and become more productive


Source: 10 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life