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March 15, 2016
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Think for a moment. When you go into the office, what office supply do you depend on the most?

  • Tape?
  • Paper?
  • Staples?
  • Highlighter/Pens?

It’s going to come as little surprise to you that Paper is the #1 favorite office gear, especially in small businesses.

But actually in just about every office around the U.S.A., paper is a big favorite. In a survey conduct by the Office Depot, despite the technology’s prevalence in the workplace, 42% of SMBs said that “paper is their favorite office gear”. Most office workers use an average of 10K pieces of paper every year. No other office supply is as useful, reliable or functional the way paper is.

Today’s workforce does more over the computer, with some offices saying they are “paperless.” But the reality is that most offices simply need to print important documents out, whether to file or mail them to customers or vendors. While companies do use digital technology more to e-mail and fax, there are many times when it is critical to have actual paperwork in one’s hand regarding an important matter. Some offices keep client files with copies of paid invoices and a Xeroxed copy of the check. You may need to keep handwritten notes regarding a special order for a customer, especially as it might be reordered in the future or if there are any questions about it. Being able to refer to one’s original papers is so helpful and useful in today’s business climate.

Make the most of paper in your office. Remember to keep it in a cool and dry place.

Don’t set it near a water pipe or heater as either could warp the paper and affect its quality. Store reams in their packages as you use them, so they are perfectly spotless and clean. There is nothing more frustrating than going to print or Xerox a document to discover it has dust or debris on it and you must do it once more.

Because there has been a continued focus on “going green” most office employees are very contentious and responsible about how much paper they use. In some offices employees use the backs of old documents as “scrap” paper. But in some offices such as in the medical or legal fields, confidentiality is a high priority and the majority of documents are shredded to protect all information. Being green and responsible with paper are simply “soft skills” you’ll find in today’s workforce, who understand the importance of not being wasteful of any company resources.

One of the best things about paper is it helps each employee to manage their productivity. If you walk around the office, you’ll notice right away that every staff members organizes their desk just a bit differently. But one key to success is having the ability to put one’s hands on a file or piece of paper in an instant. That’s why so many choose paper as their favorite office supply product!